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40 Acres And A Mule

40 Acres and a Mule

When I was a kid, back in the early 80's, we didnt have 400 cartoons to choose from like they do now. If at best, we might have about 3 or 4 good options. There was the Flintstones, and the Jetsons, and my personal favorite, at least back when my mother used to whip my ass for me, SCOOBY DOO. But as an adult, after watching a few of those episodes recently, I came to an unfortunate conclusion. As far as I'm concerned, Scooby Doo was not only a racist cartoon, but also represents whats wrong in our society today. Here's why.

First and foremost, if you're not familiar with the jist of the cartoon, let me give you a quick tutorial. There were five main characters that the show was based around, and they together would hang out with each other while solving mysteries using logic, deductive reasoning, and yes, a little right place at the right time good fortune. Each character had their own distinct personality, but in the end, they would capture the bad guy as a group, and remain good friends while patting one another on the back. But here's where things get dicey. The five characters were not equals, and they all represented different segments of the population, for better or worse. What I'm basically saying is that this cartoon was full of stereotypes, and bigoted generalizations.

The leader of the five some was a tall, blonde, hunky fellow named Fred. He was the one who gave the orders, and called all the shots while laying back in the cut and waiting to take all the glory, all the prestige, and all the adulation for himself in the end. What I believe the creators of the cartoon, William Hanna, and Joseph Barbara, were trying to do with Fred was have him be the "All-American Man." Why else would he have blonde hair, and blue eyes, and talk with what was without question a mid-western accent? But wait a second though...

Blonde hair? Blue eyes? Tall? Sound like anything out of the history books to you? Fred, quite honestly, was about as Aryan as they came. If the poster boy for "Hitler Youth" had a son, he'd be this cocksucker. And of course, they had to have this douche-bag be in charge. Just as Hitler would have it!

Now the apple of Fred's eye was a thin, pea-brained hottie named Daphne. Long curvaceous legs, reddish brown hair, and an ass to die for. What every man in America wants!. The skinny waif! And of course, they had to pair her up with Freddy. They made a great couple, and it seemed as though they would have preferred to do this mystery solving alone. What I think the creators wanted to do with Daphne was have her be that girl you put up on a pedestal. You dont want this bitch doing any of the heavy lifting, or breaking a fingernail. When I was a kid, every girl wanted to be Daphne, and every guy wanted her, or her type, as a girlfriend. She was the kinda lady you marry when you got older, but not fuck in a hotel room, or ask to blow you in a club's shitstall. No. That, was actually the third member of this five some!

Ladies and Gentleman, Miss VELMA..

Ah, Velma. Picture a short, dumpy, freckle-faced gremlin, who got on your last nerve, and always made you feel stupid! The type of chick who you hated in school, and picked on every chance you got. But alas, Velma was, in all actuality, the real backbone of the group. Without her, and her intelligence, nothing would get done. Naturally, since she was unattractive, they couldn't pair her up when the group would split up with Fred. Okay, on occasion that happened, but only to kowtow to the folks who were catching on. Fred wanted no part of Velma, that much was obvious, but the feeling wasn't mutual. You could tell that V desired Fred, and wanted to be Daphne. Would she settle for a drugged out scumbag like Shaggy? Hell no. Would she settle for a ghetto ass Dog in Scooby? Are you kidding? Velma wanted the All-American man for herself, but he wasn't down. My theory, Fred was actually a closeted homosexual who preferred black men. Opps, that was a line from my book, sorry about that.

Poor Velma. Unrequited love is always a tragic thing. As tragic as it was though, Hanna and Barbara couldn't have a nerd hooking up with a stud. In there eyes, it wasn't realistic enough. Well, I have to agree with them there. Fred was a metro-sexual, and those dudes would never been seen in public with the likes of Velma. Even if they'd allow them to suck their dicks on the down low!

That brings us to the fourth member of the group. Mr. Shaggy. Yes, everyones favorite beat-nick pot-head, who I think Hanna/Barbara wanted to humiliate as much as possible. This cartoon was actually made in the early 70's, when being a hippie was sorta looked down upon by the older generation. Shaggy had nothing to offer the group of any significance. He was a coward, he was lazy, and he didn't seem to take direction very well. HOWEVER, he did kiss Fred's ass, and gas Daphne's already huge head. Shaggy was only around for comic relief, and to have another male around, although a subservient one. I believe Shaggy also represented the white trash element of the American population, which i feel Hanna/Barbara also wanted to poke fun of. But that's just a theory of mine; I dont really have anything to back that up! Then again, this whole blog is a theory. Whatever, I'm getting tired and it's late.

As for Scooby, I think you guys know where i'm going with this one! Did anyone who watched this cartoon not think Scooby was black? Look at the way they made him speak, and act! A pure stereotype of how I feel Hanna/Barbara thought of African Americans in this country back then. Remember, at this point in the game, there wasn't a black cartoon character anywhere in sight. Not on the Flintstones(the past), and none on the Jetsons(the future). If that was Hanna/Barabara's intent, then its criminal. Scooby was, technically speaking, a dog, who was "owned" by Shaggy, who was subservient to Fred, the Hitler Youth wanna-bee. Scooby was portrayed as being, just like Shaggy, a lazy, unmotivated by anything except food, coward. What I believe Hanna/Barbara thought of black folks since I think they're racists. After all, what is a Scooby snack anyway?? Maybe it was cocaine? Or maybe it was the whole "forty acres and a mule" thing the white man tried to appease...

Okay, I'm really going way too far with this. It just seemed like Scooby was being laughed at, and not with, which is somewhat offensive to me, looking back on the cartoon as an adult. I'm not writing this blog to be an asshole, just pointing out some subliminal messages that are in some TV shows. Things happen for a reason on TV, and you just have to see through the bullshit. Why did it take till the early 90's to have a gay character on a sit-com? Why did it take till the mid-80's to have a black family in a situation comedy that didnt own a junkyard, or wasnt living in south central? Because the powers that BE on the major networks didnt think you as the American public wanted to see it. And, in my opinion, they were right. You didn't want to see it.

Just some food for thought!

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Gentleman of Leisure: Volume One is a fictional story based on true events that took place during the late 1990s in central New Jersey. Donny Atcheynum befriends a group of guys who turn his world upside down. One friend, Rakim, shows Donny how the world really works, and how people really get down in life. When Donny tries to break ties with Rakim and his people in order to live a normal life again, he quickly realizes that the world might be a good place after all. But he has been corrupted. Can he ever go back?

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Exciting Book News. You can now pre-order the book, which will be out in three weeks offically!

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More Samples.. From Chapter 16

Hello again! This is a small sample from Chapter Sixteen titled "Hero of the Day"

Two weeks after I got hired at GroceryCity, I finally drove myself over to the Pink house to visit with my friends Rakim and Sam. It was a weekday night, so I knew there wouldn’t be a lot of people over at the house. Or at least, I hoped there wouldn’t be. When I arrived, Rakim wasn’t happy to see me, and wondered why I hadn’t been around for a few weeks?

“Hey man, I just started a new job, and I’ve been working a ton of hours. You know how it is?” I told my old friend.

That seemed to be enough to appease an angry Rakim. It wasn’t like me to disappear for a few weeks at a time, as it was the longest I had gone without seeing him since I first met him, besides after our fight, or when I lived in Las Vegas. The truth was, that I just didn’t want to be around Warren and Holly, and needed time to clear my head. That’s why I wasn’t around for those weeks.

Well that night the only people that were in the house besides Rakim and Sam, were Alex, Rock, Warren and Holly. Most of the time I was there that night I just sat in the living room and watched television with Sam and Rock. Warren and Holly were in Rakim’s bedroom with Rakim and Alex.

Well around 11:00 P.M. that night, Rock went home, and Sam went to bed. I had the whole living room all to myself and watched “Sportscenter” on ESPN. I was planning on going home myself around midnight, and I just wanted to catch the hockey playoff scores and highlights on the tube before I left. As I was watching the television, Holly came into the living room and sat down next to me on the couch. She wasn’t going anywhere that night, as she was sleeping over. I could tell that because she was dressed in a pajama top and boxer shorts, men’s boxer shorts that is. I had guessed the boxer shorts she was wearing belonged to Warren.

Now Warren was a skinny man, and Holly had gained a little weight since I had come back from Las Vegas. She had been drinking a lot in the past few months, and I would imagine binge eating. The boxer shorts she was sporting appeared to be a bit snug on her. She wasn’t as tall as Warren was, but she was just as big, if not bigger in the midsection. Anyway, since I was sitting on the living room couch, I guess I was sitting on her bed because that’s where Warren slept every night. Maybe her coming over and sitting next to me was her coy way of asking me to go home so she could snuggle up on the couch and wait for her lover to come to bed. At that point, Warren was still in Rakim’s bedroom talking with Rakim and Alex.

While I was watching “Sportscenter,” Holly began eating a bag of miniature chocolate bars and tried to strike up a conversation with me. I really didn’t want to talk to her, because I was still heart broken that she chose to be with Warren over a stud like me. Also, the Devils had played a playoff game earlier that night against Montreal, and I wanted to see if the Devils had won. So I was paying attention to the television, and not her. To my dismay though, Holly began asking me questions about my new job while the Devil’s playoff highlights were being shown.

“So how do you like where you work Donny?” she asked while gorging on a mini Kit Kat and “Sportscenter” was showing a replay of Shayne Corson’s shorthanded goal for Montreal against the Devils.

“Just fine,” was my terse response back to her.

I could tell that she was a bit taken back by my sudden disinterest in talking to her. In the two previous months, I had listened to everything Holly had said to me either on the phone, or in person, like it was God talking. That’s how much I was in love with her. At that moment though, I really didn’t want to hear her voice. It was just way too painful for me because I was still broken-hearted that I could not be with her and I had other things on my mind.

So a few minutes after she asked me how work was going, I looked at the time on the VCR that sat on top of the television set, and realized it was 11:45 P.M. I had gotten all the hockey scores that I wanted, and yes, the Devils had beaten Montreal, and it was time for me to leave. As I was about to get up off the couch and say my goodbye to Holly, and everyone else who was still awake inside the house, I noticed the way that she was pigging out on her chocolate bars. She had been sitting next to me for about twenty minutes or so, and the bag that she had been eating out of was half full when she first sat down. As I was getting up to leave, I noticed the bag was just about empty. I looked at Holly with concern, and I sincerely asked her, “Do you still have that problem?”

Holly gave me a look like she didn’t know what I was talking about. So I jumped in again and said, “You know, your bulimia problem? How are you doing with that?”
Holly’s face then lit up like a Christmas tree. I think she was amazed and thrilled that I still cared enough to ask her about her health issues.

“Oh Donny, I’m much better with that. I haven’t had that problem in months now!” She muttered while chocolate and nuget shrapnel came flying out of her mouth.
I just looked at her with disbelief when she said that. I couldn’t believe the girl who ate all of one cheese fry on our first date, was now stuffing her face with junk food. I just matter-of-factly told Holly, “Well maybe it would be a good idea if you start again, because you’re beginning to look like an Elk.”

Why I came up with the animal “Elk,” I haven’t a clue. It was just the first thing that came to my mind at that moment.

As soon as I said that, she jumped out of her seat and ran out of the living room. A few minutes later, I grabbed my jacket and left the house. As I was walking out, I passed by Rakim’s bedroom. His door was wide open, and I waved goodbye to everyone including Holly, who was now in the room with her boyfriend Warren. The only person that said goodnight to me was Rakim. He was the only one I liked in that room anyway.

When I got in my car that night, and headed home, I began to think about what I had just said to Holly. It was hurtful, disrespectful, shameful, and I should probably go to hell someday for it, but I felt great saying it. I fell in love with Holly and poured my heart out to her like I had never done before. I tried to prove to her that I was a good person, and would care for her more than anything in the world. Yet I wasn’t good enough for her. She decided to be with a scumbag like Warren over me. Now I didn’t know Warren very well back then, and I shouldn’t have judged him the way I had. True, he treated me with disrespect that one night when I tried talking with Holly, but as far as I knew, he wasn’t a scumbag. I just had a feeling about him though, that he was a lowlife and a phony. Holly picked that over me? She made her bed, and now she has to lie in it.

“From this point on Holly is now my mortal enemy”, I thought to myself as I pulled onto my parent’s driveway that night. She didn’t believe in me. She turned her back on me. That’s how it felt. I needed to make her an enemy because I couldn’t bear being her friend and watch her with another man who I didn’t like or respect.

The next time I went over to the Pink house, it was on another weekday night. I think it was about a week later. Basically, the same people were there from the last time, minus Alex. When I walked inside the house, Rakim asked me to have a little chat with him in his bedroom.

“Warren’s pissed at you, man,” Rakim said as I sat down on his bed.

“Pissed at what?” I asked Rakim back, even though I already knew the answer to that question.
“What you said to Holly about her bulimia problem.”

I then asked Rakim to tell me exactly what Warren said to him. I was more than thrilled that he was angry with me. Let him be, as far as I was concerned.

Rakim told me, that Warren told him, that after I called Holly an “Elk,” she began barfing up her food again, and that I was the cause of her relapse. Also, Warren let Rakim know that if I did something like that again, he’d kick my ass for it. When Rakim told me that, a smile plastered across my face because that’s exactly what I wanted.

I had vowed that I would get my revenge on Warren after he kept poking his head out of Rakim’s front door that night I was pouring my heart out to Holly. His blatant disrespect was unforgivable as far as I was concerned, and I wanted to physically hurt him for it. However, I couldn’t just attack him, or try and fight him over Holly. I would look like a fool that way. Holly picked Warren over me, end of story. Anything else would be crying sour grapes. I needed another reason to hurt Warren. Having him angry with me for something, and then him trying to attack me for it, now that would be perfect. I would be justified in causing him physical harm out of self-defense. So let him threaten me all he wants. What he told Rakim not only didn’t make me regret what I said to Holly, it made me want to be an even bigger prick to both of them. War is war.

My suspicion that Warren was a low life had been given some credence by what he allowed Holly to do around late April. The two of them were such an item, that they would fuck all nightlong, every single night. They would also drink heavily all night long, every single night. All that fucking and drinking took its toll on Holly and her schooling. She was a senior in high school around that time, and only three months away from graduation. But in mid April, she just stopped showing up for classes. Since Warren had already dropped out of school, and he had no job, he didn’t have anything to wake up early for. Holly took his lead, and started sleeping all day long. The girl that I knew was a good student and liked learning. After a few short weeks of being with Warren, she dropped out of high school. Three months shy of getting her fucking diploma. Amazing. If she were with me, I would have made her go to school. By any means necessary. If Warren really cared about her, he would have done the same, but he didn’t. The jerk off only cared about his sexual gratification and own needs. Again, after finding that out, I felt justified in hating Warren and thinking he was a scumbag.

A month into working at GroceryCity, I started to consider taking Hoss and Frank up on their offers to hang out after work. The Pink house had lost its allure, and seeing Holly self-destruct in front of my eyes didn’t appeal to me either. Yes, she was now my enemy, but I still loved her, and it was painful to see her throw away her future over a pile of dung like Warren. So one night around late April, after both Frank and I had punched out of work, we headed outside to the parking lot where Hoss was waiting.

“You want to come with us Donny?” Hoss asked as Frank got into Hoss’s passenger’s seat.
I thought about it for a few seconds and then nodded my head. I then jumped into the backseat of Hoss’s Oldsmobile, and the three of us cruised around Frenchtown for a few hours. During the car ride, Hoss and Frank lit up a few joints and began passing it around the car. Eventually, the joints got passed to the back seat, and I partook in some drug usage. It had been a while since I smoked marijuana, and I barely enjoyed it as I had expected. Marijuana isn’t my thing, as I mentioned before. I just did it to be one of the guys that night. I have to admit though, that it was fun being around Hoss and Frank in that setting. Those guys were really funny when they were high.

Hoss had a personality to die for. That’s why he was so popular in school. He would constantly crack jokes and tell funny stories. Frank was the same way. Those fuckers had been best friends since childhood, and they seemed to have shared the same personality, and personality flaws. The biggest one that I saw was their total lack of interest in the opposite sex. Since I started working with Frank, I never heard him talk about any females. He would comment to me about who he found attractive while at work, but nothing about trying to get with any of those bitches. Also, I knew Hoss was single from what Frank had previously told me. Back in school, both of them had busy social lives that revolved around women. Now years later, they seemed to care less about getting laid, or more about getting high. Those dudes would just drive around town and get high, and nothing else. Wherever they went though, they garnered instant respect and admiration from people.

That night we stopped off at a gas station so Hoss could fill up his tank. While Hoss was getting his gasoline, a car full of people, all hot girls by the way, who were already at the pump, began waving and honking their horn at Hoss and Frank. They couldn’t see me because I was in the back seat. Those two motherfuckers did nothing but just wave and smile back. Them ho’s in that car were amazing looking, and that made me both envious of them and curios at the same time. Why weren’t they trying to pursue any of those bitches? I wanted to ask them both that question, but I thought the wiser of it.

From that point on, I started hanging out with Frank and Hoss all the time. Almost every night after work I would either drive around town with them, or I would drive up to Frank’s house in New Brunswick. In Frank’s crib, we would smoke weed, listen to music, and talk about life in general. We basically did the same thing when we would drive around. I loved being around those dudes because it made me feel like I belonged. I was from Frenchtown, and so were they. Hanging out at Rakim’s Pink house I was the only person from Frenchtown, and I just didn’t feel like I belonged anymore.

In late May, I was spending a lot of time up in New Brunswick with Frank and Hoss. It got to the point where I was barely ever going over to the Pink house anymore. I just couldn’t stand being around Holly and Warren. To be honest though, I really missed Sam, and our talks. Rakim and I were going through the motions as friends around that time, and to be honest, I think we kind of outgrew each other. He wasn’t the same Rakim I had met back at The Builder’s Center in 1995. Also, I wasn’t the same Donny either. I enjoyed being around Sam and talking with him. Like I mentioned before, he was highly intelligent, and just a fascinating guy to be around.
So one night around late May, I headed on over to the Pink house to say hello to everybody and to chill with Sam. It was a weekday evening and again, I knew there wouldn’t be thousands of people around. When I arrived, the only people who were there were Sam and Rock.
Disturbingly enough, Rakim, Warren, Holly, and Alex were all at the movies together. Which made me sick to my stomach when Sam told me that by the way. Rakim was double dating with Warren huh? That just goes to show how tattered my friendship with Rakim was around that time.

Anyway, when I got to the Pink house, and walked inside the living room, I noticed a big pizza box sitting on the living room coffee table. I asked Sam what was in it?
“It’s Warren’s calzone,” Sam admitted.

Warren had just purchased the calzone from an Italian restaurant, but didn’t eat it because he had to go out on the double date. The calzone was freshly made, and was completely in tact. Even the marinara sauce wasn’t opened yet. Both Sam and Rock began telling me about all the things Warren was saying about me. Like how big of a prick I was for treating Holly and him like enemies.

“Warren told me that if he hears his name come out of your mouth again,” Rock muttered at me. “Then he’s going to break your jaw.”

What Rock had just relayed about what Warren had said to him, made me furious. So furious, that I decided to appropriate his calzone. The way I figured it, Warren interfered with me getting with Holly back in March, so he owed me. Since he owed me, I considered anything of his to be part mine.

So I was going to take my part that night.

“You make sure you tell Warren who took his fucking calzone,” I told Sam and Rock as I picked up the pizza box and headed for the front door. I continued with, “And if he has a problem with that, he could meet me down there,” I said while pointing to my crotch area.

Both Rock and Sam laughed at my outburst, and assured me they would pass along the message. So I took Warren’s calzone, and headed up to New Brunswick to chill with Frank, whom I knew would be there.

When I got up to New Brunswick, Frank and I shared the calzone. We joked around and ate hardily. Frank had heard all my stories about Holly and Warren, and he knew exactly how much I hated them both. Two people he had never met before in his life by the way. Frank was happy for me for fucking with a piece of scum like Warren. I was even happier about that. During our meal, Frank kept telling me that Holly wasn’t the right girl for me, and any girl who would want someone like Warren over a guy like me, wasn’t worth all the aggravation. I agreed with his assertion, and after Frank and I finished Warren’s calzone, I headed on home to Frenchtown.
I stole Warren’s calzone to push his buttons. I wanted him to confront me and do something about it. I hated him so much that I used to dream about inflicting pain upon him. I needed to do it for my own self-esteem. He took something away from me, so I took something away from him. Even though a calzone wasn’t the same as Holly.

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Sample From Chapter Eighteen "Bi-Polar Bear

Wont be long now till the book comes out. 8 weeks away from today.

later, dan

Chapter Eighteen- Bi-Polar Bear

Living with Frank got off to a great start. The first few weeks went off without a hitch. Hoss would come over virtually every night and the three of us would just sit around the kitchen table and play cards. We’d also drink beer, smoke weed, and yes, on occasion, indulge in some of the white stuff. But there was one thing missing, that being women. Neither Hoss nor Frank had any ambition to try and meet females. I couldn’t put my finger on their problem before, but I had finally figured it out. It was the drugs. When you’re on drugs, you don’t care about anything else but being and getting high. It was a substitute for everything in life. So why go out and try and meet females if you could just sit at home and feel euphoric in the privacy of your own domain?

Working with Frank at GroceryCity was a bit uncomfortable once we moved in together. Spending eight hours a day with him at the store, then the rest of the evening at our apartment made me get tired of being around him real fast. Frank had an annoying habit of singing all the time, especially at work. Which used to be entertaining when I was only around him for a short amount of time during the workday, but for sixteen hours? Needless to say, his singing became unbearable after a while. But he was still the coolest boss around. That was until mid August when Bonnie had a meeting with the seafood manager named Gus Wilbanks. The seafood department had a position open for assistant manger, and Gus wanted Frank to fill the bill. Frank had worked seafood while at the Grand Union a few years back, and requested the transfer. The position would require him to work all his hours in seafood, and he would leave the deli department for good. He was to be paid more money, and was going to have less to do since the seafood department was much slower in customer volume than the deli was. What also was an enticement to leave the deli was Frank had enough of our fat Italian boss. Bonnie was nice lady, and a good deli manager, but she broke balls over little things. Frank and Gus were good friends, and had actually worked with each other over at the Grand Union.

So after the meeting, the decision was made to transfer Frank to seafood and Bonnie would have to find someone new to be in charge of the deli at night. That meant that I would no longer be working side by side with my roommate anymore. Also, I would have a new nighttime supervisor.

In late August, Bonnie found a new nighttime supervisor for the deli. She didn’t have to look far for a replacement for Frank. No, I don’t mean me, even though I did throw my hat in the ring for the position. Unfortunately, Bonnie picked this chubby girl who worked as a cashier in the front end. Her name was Kelly, and at first, Kelly was a great person to work for. She was cheerful, exuberant, kind, and very understanding. Sadly, she soon turned into a monster, and that only took a few short weeks.

Kelly was a three hundred pound woman who, if I had to guess, would have been around twenty-eight years old. She had worked as a cashier for three years until her “promotion” of sorts. She had long black hair and wore thick coke-bottle eyeglasses. She was the type of person who cried for days after Princess Diana died, watched Rosie O’Donnell religiously, went to church every Sunday, and hadn’t had a date since Reagan was in the White House. That’s what I was forced to deal with after Frank transferred departments.

Kelly did things by the book, which is never a smart thing to do in retail. She was so afraid of disappointing Bonnie that she bent over backwards to please her. I understand trying to suck up to your new boss, but she would do things that were counter-productive to her own cause. Such as bitching and moaning when one of her subordinates came back a few minutes late from break. She would write them up and get them in trouble. So naturally, her help began to either not work hard for her, or just quit on her. You see, most of the other people we had working in the deli at night were malingerers and lollygaggers. Thus, they needed to be motivated like Frank used to do. Kelly couldn’t motivate a dog to piss on a sidewalk. Now I did whatever the girl asked me to do at first, but after a while, I couldn’t stand being around her anymore and I started to lollygag once again.

Also, Kelly was bi-polar with a capital “B.” One moment she would be in a great mood talking about what guest “Rosie” had on her show that morning. The next, she would be kicking garbage cans and crying hysterically because a customer made a rude comment to her. It was like working for Joan Crawford from the movie Mommie Dearest. Meanwhile, as Kelly was abusing garbage cans and bawling her eyes out, Frank would be over in seafood reading a magazine and having a good old time. Life just wasn’t fair.

About a month after Frank’s transfer, living with him became a slight hassle. First of all, he was a notorious neat freak. I am a famous slob. Together, that’s not a good combination. I would leave my towels on the bathroom floor after a refreshing shower. He would complain bitterly about it, which I can understand. He just never did it to my face. I would have to hear Frank’s complaints through a third party such as Hoss. Hoss would come up to me when Frank wasn’t around and say stuff like, “Hey Donny, I hear you leave your towels on the bathroom floor, man.”

Now when my mother would go to the grocery store for me, and buy me cases of soda for me to bring back to the apartment, Frank used to drink my soda. I didn’t mind when he would do that. After all, Frank was my buddy and roommate, and what’s mine was his. But when he would buy food, and I would eat it, he would flip out and start complaining about it. But he wouldn’t complain to my face. I would have to hear about it from our co-workers like Kelly. Kelly would say stuff to me like, “Hey, I hear you eating all of Frank’s macaroni and cheese!”

I guess he complained to other people about the stuff I did because he wanted to avoid confrontation. That wasn’t cool in my book. If you have something to say about me, say it to my face. I won’t get mad. I am not the type of person who wants to cause trouble. Sometimes I don’t realize when I’m fucking up. So I need to be told. Now Frank never yelled for any reason, but he would stick his bottom lip out at me and give me that “shame on you” look whenever he caught me eating his Doritos, or leaving one of my tee shirts on the bathroom floor. But he would never say anything to me about it. Thus, at the time, I assumed he was fine with it. Especially when he was drinking my Sprite!

Frank also used to piss me off by inviting his friends over to the apartment to hang out. I don’t mean Hoss, he was like family, but guys I detested like Bill Carmazzi. Bill was a drug dealer who just might have been the most self centered human being I ever met. I remember going over to his house in Frenchtown one time when Frank wanted to buy some weed off of him. I walked into his basement, which was also his bedroom, and there were pictures of him everywhere I looked. Bill used to be a football player at Frenchtown High School, and he had a giant size photo of himself standing over some guy he had just scored a touchdown on. Right next to that picture, he had a giant size mural of the same photo. His bedroom was littered with pictures of himself, and only of himself.

Bill didn’t care for me personally, and it showed. When he would shake my hand after walking into my apartment, he would do it in a way as to not show me any respect. He wouldn’t make eye contact with me and would barley touch my hand. Meanwhile, he hugged Frank like they were long lost gay lovers. He would never say a word to me and tried ignoring the fact that I was around him. Even in my own apartment. I hated Bill and begged Frank to not let him in the apartment. The only reason I made that request was because Frank claimed that he disliked Bill too, but since they were old friends, and he was his main weed dealer, he had to put up with him.

Conversely, at no point did anyone from the Pink house ever come over to our apartment except for Rakim, which was only once. I knew Frank disliked those guys for the most part, and out of respect for him, I didn’t really invite any of them over. But I had to put up with the Bill Carmazzi’s of the world. I didn’t think that was fair, but if I complained about it, I did it to Frank’s face. I didn’t run and tell Hoss about it like a bitch.

In early September, Warren got kicked out of Holly’s house. He had been living in her home inside her bedroom since Rakim basically kicked both of them out around mid to late May. I don’t remember what he did to get booted out of Holly’s house, but it wound up temporarily breaking them up. So Rakim and Sam begrudgingly let Warren back into the Pink house. Rakim wasn’t happy about it at first, but as long as he kissed his ass, and didn’t talk back to him, he was fine with it. Sam really wanted Warren back as he missed him. I think Sam looked at Warren as a son of sorts. He was a troubled young man who Sam wanted to turn into a productive, normal citizen. Meanwhile, Rakim wanted Warren to become a junior version of himself. Days after Warren moved back in it became apparent whose path he would take.